About Me


I was born in 1999, have been all around the world, especially in Africa and South East Asia.

From a young age I showed interest in music, and began learning piano at the age of 9. It is my main instrument to this day, but I know the theory of lots of other instruments and how to compose for them.

I'm currently studying for a Bachelor's in Music at the University of Sussex.

My Music

I specialise in composition and transcription. Both are available upon request at my Fiverr. My compositional style is inspired both by composers such as Yann Tiersen and Philip Glass as well as composers for anime, such as Yoko Kanno and Kevin Penkin.

My current set-up is an AKAI MPK Mini MK2, Logic Pro X, Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional, and various free VSTs and Plug-Ins.